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   Marie Lokhorst-Ramsey, the owner of The Learner's Aide, has her Ontario Teaching Certificate and is qualified to teach Math and Science in the Intermediate and Senior divisions.  She has also completed the Guidance and Careers, Part 1 Additional Qualification.  She has more than 25 years of teaching experience at the Junior and Intermediate levels and has taught most subjects at these two levels,  including English and Writing. 

While teaching subject matter, she helps students develop many other applicable learning skills such as communication skills, listening skills, study skills, dealing with set-backs,  time management, and organization.   In her years of teaching, Ms. Lokhorst-Ramsey has helped students recognize their potential. She guides her students through an individualized curriculum that incorporates: 

a) a level of success to build confidence and 

         b) a level of challenge that builds persistence.


"Marie was my daughter's teacher for grades 7 and 8. She was fantastic! She dealt with my daughter's school anxiety issues well, and was willing to be flexible to accommodate her needs. She came up with some great ideas to make her learning experience better. I highly recommend Marie as a teacher, and as a person."   -Jennifer

"Marie has been a colleague of mine for over 10 years. She has always been a very thorough and committed teacher who has a genuine care for her students' success. Marie has a thorough understanding of Math concepts allowing her to use a variety of methods of presenting these to her students. Additionally, she has a passion for ensuring concepts are understood, not just for the moment, but also for future recall and as the concept is built upon. My oldest son has been in her Math classes and he came out of the experience with a fantastic understanding of concepts he struggled with. I highly recommend Marie."  -Jer

"I was the head of the school where Marie has gained many years of experience teaching both grade seven and grade eight. Her students have always spoken highly of her ability to make difficult concepts (especially in mathematics!) understandable, and she demonstrates a lot of patience for students who are struggling to 'figure it out'. Mrs. Marie is an excellent tutor."    Kevin

"Marie is a kind and empathetic person who teaches with integrity and passion. She is known for encouraging students to be innovative, curious learners within a collaborative and supportive learning environment."  Carole

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