The Learner's Aide

Homework Help:

The Learner's Aide provides homework help in the areas of Math and Science to students in Grades 3-12.  Additionally, English and Writing assistance is available to students in Grades 3-8.  

          * Individual Sessions and Group Sessions (2-4 students learning the same material) available: Sessions occur at the students' homes or at an agreed upon public location   ($35 for a 50 minute session)      


The Learner's Aide's  GOLD MEDAL EXCELLENCE mentoring program is a one-year program that includes an initial consult, weekly 40 minute sessions of mentoring following the school year calendar (no sessions during Summer, Christmas and March Breaks) and three progress consultations with parents (one in December, March and May).  The program aids students (Grades 1-12) who struggle at school.  The students will receive resources and strategies that will help them to build confidence, motivation, courage and determination.  Call (289-650-1855) or contact  The Learner's Aide today to join for the 2019/2020 school year.  

Interest Classes:

When interest classes are offered, they run once a week for a ten week period.  The aim of these classes is to help students to delve further into subject matter that interests them. Please contact The Learner's Aide if there is a specific class that you would like to see offered or if you would like to sign up for a specific class.  Look back often to see what is being offered or have your email address added to the mailing list (sign up) if you are interested in knowing which classes are being offered from session to session.  

       *Group Sessions (8-12 students): These classes occur in public locations based on the location of the majority of the students and the availability of a classroom in that area.